America's Artist

Brent Benger specializes in storytelling through his artwork, focusing on the interactions and traditions that make the people of our country uniquely American.  From 1986 through 1988, Brent studied at the world renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  There, he learned the importance of detail, design and draftsmanship in the storytelling process.

After graduating from Art Center, Brent worked as a freelance illustrator in Los Angeles, California.  His artwork was commissioned by such clients as the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Classical Ballet, the California Lottery, Paper Moon Greeting Cards and Miller Beer.  Later, his reputation brought him to San Francisco where he worked as a matte artist, creating special effects for the motion picture industry.

Although offers from the film industry were attractive, Benger decided to return to his roots in Los Angeles to devote his full attention to his passion for storytelling.  It was at this time that Brent was introduced to Don Spaulding, former assistant to the great Norman Rockwell and a renowned western and civil war artist in his own right.  Spaulding mentored Brent, passing on his knowledge of the exact methods and materials that Rockwell used to create his paintings.

Preparation and research are the hallmarks of Benger's artwork.  Countless hours are spent developing and refining the storyline, finding models to portray the characters, obtaining the costuming and props, and then synthesizing the elements into the finished work of art.

He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two children.